Exmoor Search & Rescue Team remains available 24/7 throughout the Festive Holidays, and last night, the Team was deployed by Avon and Somerset Police to assist with an ongoing search for a high-risk missing person.

A dog-walker had become separated from their companion within dense woodland, and as darkness fell, initial efforts from their companion and the Police to locate the misplaced person were unsuccessful.

Team Members deployed alongside the Police and the National Police Air Service HQ to the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, just outside Taunton, Somerset.

Using thermal imaging, #NPAS were able to quickly locate the missing person in the dense woodland, and were able to guide our Team Members in to the missing person. The missing person was assisted from the dense woodland and evacuated in Ex.92 (in full off-road mode!) back to the RV to be reunited with their family. After a medical assessment by our Team Paramedic and Doctor, the missing person was able to return home with their family.

A huge thanks to the Team at The Greyhound Inn Taunton who kindly fired up the ovens to rustle up some much needed snacks after a busy evening! Thank You!

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