For the third time in fours days the team were alerted to a missing person in the Bideford Area.  The vulnerable female was located soon after the Team were alerted.

The Devon and Cornwall Police control room asked the Team to attend a search for a 68 year old lady with Alzheimer’s.  She had gone missing from a car park near the sea front at about 16.30.  The lady was located whilst the team were en route.

Fourteen Team members were joined by 8 USAR personnel from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and their Search Dog, a SARDA search Dog, two Police dog teams as well as Police officers and the NPAS helicopter at the scene of a fatal road crash.  Information was received that there were possibly one or two further injured persons and an extensive search was undertaken of nearby fields, woods and roads.  At 3.00am nothing had been found and the immediate search was stood down.

The Team were asked to stand by for a callout at 7.00am for a vulnerable missing female in the Bideford Area.  The lady was located before the Team were deployed.

The South West Ambulance service asked the team locate and treat an ill male reported to be on open moorland on Dunkery Hill.  The casualty and his friend had made their way to the road where Team members including the Team doctor administered treatment until the ambulance service arrived.  The patient was then taken to hospital.

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