The Team were stood down on route to a call out near Barnstaple when the missing person was deemed as at lower risk, Police enquiries continued.

Initially the Air Ambulance was unable to land in order to help an injured horse rider.  The Team were alerted to assist but were stood down en-route when the air ambulance found a suitable landing site.

The horse rider was air lifted to hospital in Taunton.

Avon and Somerset Police put the team on stand by for a possible search for a vulnerable male who went missing overnight.  The Team were stood down an hour later.

The Team were put on standby after the foster parents of a 10 year old boy with developmental problems was found to missing from his home in the early hours.  He was wearing his pyjamas and bare feet.

He was found near his home sitting on a wall.

The Team were tasked to assist the Ambulance service recover an injured cyclist in Horner Woods.

The casualty was initially transported by ESRT stretcher to a SWAST HART off road vehicle and then taken to the ambulance and onward to hospital.

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