Exmoor SRT were joined by two SARDA search dogs, resources from Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service including a search dog, search personnel from Exeter and the rescue boat from Bridgwater.  The search was for an 18-year-old female in the Longrun Meadow area of Taunton.  She was found by a search team at around 4.30am and was taken to hospital.

The Devon and Cornwall Police asked for assistance in the search for a despondent man whose car had been found near woodland. Exmoor SRT arranged mutual aid with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton, but our services were not required as Police located the missing person before our arrival.

A 71 year old man had been missing from home all day.  Following searches by the HM Coastguard both on foot and by Helicopter, Exmoor Search and Rescue took over to search more inland areas.  The search was suspended at 12.30am.

The search from last night was continued in daylight, Police and Exmoor teams searched woodland areas.  The search was halted soon after 12.30pm when Coastguard located a body on the coastline.

The Ambulance service had attended an address the previous night but no trace of the patient could be found.  Police enquiries as to the whereabouts of the man were unsuccessful, so Exmoor SRT conducted a search of Farmland and woods near the address.  Nothing was found.

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