The Team were asked to stand by whilst Police made initial checks for a missing 10 year Girl in Axminster.  The Police search, including loud speaker announcements from the Police helicopter was successful when the girl was located, and the Team were stood down.

The Ambulance service requested help evacuating a runner with a broken ankle.  On arrival team members were not required as the injured person was being evacuated.

Avon and Somerset Police contacted the Team to assist in a search of open area fields near Taunton.  The missing male from a nearby care home had been missing since late on Tuesday.  The areas in question were searched in good conditions and nothing was found.

The South West Ambulance Service called the Team to assist with the evacuation of a fallen walker at Wimbleball Lake as they were some distance from a road in a wooded area.  The Team diverted from the call out in Taunton.

On arrival the Team liaised with the Ambulance crew who did not know the location of the casualty.  Information from the original call was sought which identified the likely location.  Team members were assisted to the location by a local farmer but shortly before their arrival the casualty had been rescued by wardens in a boat. The Team then resumed the Taunton call out.

Just as the search at Taunton was reaching a conclusion the Devon and Cornwall Police alerted the Team to attend the Valley of the Rocks.  An 11 year old American tourist had been playing on the rocks and then could not be found.  The Team were asked to attend in case initial searches by Coastguard and RNLI were inconclusive.  ESRT were stood down when the injured boy was located by HM Coastguard Helicopter.

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